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Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living Annual Meeting

CHRIL researchers will be attending the 2018 Annual Meeting of the  Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living. We will be presenting on Understanding Medicaid Policy and Introducing the Disability Stories Project. Interviews with selected Health Policy Advisors will be held at the annual meeting in Denver, CO. Detail and comments will be posted upon their return.  

Understanding Medicaid Policy and Introducing the Disability Stories Project - Telluride

Jae Kennedy, Davi Kallman, Elizabeth Wood, Noelle Kurth

The first part of this workshop will provide an overview of the Medicaid program and discuss recent/current policy changes of relevance to the disability community. The second component of the workshop will be talking about CHRIL's newest project, "Disability Stories about Health Policy". The purpose of the Disability Stories project is to document and share the personal experiences of people with disabilities as they respond to changes in the US healthcare system. We will use a portion of this presentation to discuss the project and discuss ways that APRIL members can contribute as "health policy advisors". For the first part of the workshop presenters will: 1) provide an overview of the evolution and current design of the U.S. Medicaid program, 2) assess the growing role of Medicaid managed care; and 3) discuss recent Congressional and Administrative proposals for Medicaid reform.  The second part of the workshop will be more of a listening and information sharing session, where participants will: 1) learn about Disability Stories from the Health Policy project and 2) learn how they can participate in the project and become "health policy advisors". During this session, we will also provide a forum for participants to talk about their experiences with health reform.

This session will be especially beneficial to youth and those new to independent living, because it provides much needed information on Medicaid and current policy changes that impact individuals with disabilities. Youth and new members might be particularly interested to know how they are impacted by recent and current policy changes to Medicaid. Participants will be given an opportunity to become a "health policy expert" and their personal healthcare experiences will be used to draft publications and educate legislators and policy makers.